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101 1-888-272-3946 BradyID.com/SPC Spill Kits & Containment Bodily Fluid Spill Kit Assortment of pads, neutralizer, SOCs and the appropriate PPE will make cleaning up bodily fluids safer and more efficient Reusable screw top bucket keeps contents clean and easily accessible Absorbs up to 9 gallons per kit Kit Dimensions: 14"Dia. x 18"H Contents: Granular (1 lb.) 10 barrier-backed pads (15" x 19") 2 disposal bags 1 case sanitary wipes 1 pair goggles 1 pair neoprene gloves 1 apron 1 small scoop and scraper 6.5-Gallon Spill Bucket Fast and small response with easily accessible spill kit in a reusable bucket Absorbs up to 9 gallons per kit Kit Dimensions: 14"Dia. x 18"H Contents: 10 pads (15" x 19") 3 SOCs (3" x 4') 2 disposal bags 1 pair nitrile gloves 1 instruction sheet Small Spill Response: 6.5-Gallon Spill Kits One of our most popular, these 6.5 gallon spill kits are the perfect size to combat common, smaller spills within your facility. The durable bucket protects your spill kit contents and allows for easy storage. Choose from general purpose 6.5 gallon spill kits or one of four specialty kits designed specifically to address common fluid spill needs. Catalog # Type Absorbency Capacity (gal) Shipping Wt (lbs) Pallet Qty. Qty. SKA-BKT Universal 9 36 1/each SKA-BKT-TAA Universal 9 36 1/each SKO-BKT Oil Only 9 36 1/each SKCH-BKT BRIGHTSORB Chemical 9 8 36 1/each SKH-BKT Chemical 9 8 36 1/each Available with BRIGHTSORB High Visibility Absorbents Small Medium Large Catalog # Type Absorbency Cap. (gal) Shipping Wt (lbs) Pallet Qty. Qty. SK-BF Bodily Fluid Spill Kit 9 36 1/each new

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