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11 1-888-272-3946 BradyID.com/SPC Learning Center Making the Switch to Absorbents No facility is free from leaks, drips and spills. And when it comes to keeping your employees and the working environment safe, you need a reliable and cost-effective absorbent solution. Take a look at the below comparisons between granular, rags and SPC absorbent pads to determine what solution best fits your needs. Granular Pros: Low cost per bag and product familiarity Cons: Messy, very low absorbency ratio (generally 1:1), labor intensive clean up and high disposal costs Laundered Rags Pros: Recycled and full system (products and disposal supported by the supplier) Cons: After each laundering, the rags lose some of their absorbency. Hard metals can never be completely removed, leading to significant health risks through exposure SPC Absorbent Pads Pros: Absorb an average of 20x their weight in liquid, offer multiple configurations and constructions and lower disposal costs Cons: Higher up-front cost Material Details Granular (40 lb bag) Rags (200 pads/drum) SPC Pads (100 pads/case) Gallons Absorbed Per Week 20 gallons Total Material Used 4 bags 170 rags 77 pads per week Total Material Costs $24 $128 $77 per week Labor Details Labor Hours for Clean-Up 1 0.3 hours/week Total Labor Costs $20 $7 per week Disposal Details Drums Disposed Per Week 1 (included) 0.15 per week Total Disposal Costs $200 (included) $30 per week Savings Summary Weekly Cost $244 $135 $114 per week Annual Cost $12,688 $7,020 $5,947 per year Total Cost After 5 Year $63,440 $35,100 $29,733 over 5 years $33,667 or 47% Savings When Using SPC Pads Over Granular *Values shown are for example purposes only and are based on average costs as published in 2016. Costs and savings may vary.

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