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111 1-888-272-3946 BradyID.com/SPC Index Chemical Application Guide Chemical Universal Oil Only Chemical Organic Acetaldehyde X X X Acetic Acid X Acetic Anhydride X Acetone X X X X Acetyl Chloride X Acrolein X X X Acrylonitrile X X X Allyl Alcohol X X X Aminobenzoic Acid X Ammonia (Anhydrous) X X X X Ammonium Hydroxide X X X X Amyl Acetate X X X Amyl Alcohol X X X Aniline X X X Antifreeze X X X Aqua Regia X Aviation Fuel X X X X Benzene X X X X Benzoic Acid X Benzonitrile X Benzoyl Chloride X Benzyl Alcohol X X X Boric Acid X Brake Fluid X X X X Bromine X Butyl Acetate X X X Butyl Alcohol X X X X Butyric Acid X X X Butylamine X X X Butyric Acid X X X Calcium Hydroxide X Carbolic Acid X Carbon Disulfide X Carbon Tetrachloride X X X X Castor Oil X X X X Chlorine Water X Chloroacetic Acid X Chlorobenzene X Chloroform X X X X Chromic Acid (50%) X Chlorosulfonic Acid X Citric Acid X Clorox (Full Strength) X X X Corn Oil X X X X Cottonseed Oil X X X X Cresol X X X X Cyclohexane X X X X Chemical Universal Oil Only Chemical Organic Detergents X X X Dichlorobenzene X X X Diethylamine X X X Diethyl Ether X X X X Disooctyl Phthalate X X X X Dinitrobenezene X X X Dioxan X X X Ether X X X X Ethyl Acetate X X X X Ethyl Alcohol X X X X Ethyl Benzene X X X Ethyl Chloride X X X Ethyl Ether X X X X Ethyl Propionate X X X X Ethylene Glycol X X X Formaldehyde X X X Formic Acid X Fuel Oil X X X X Gasoline X X X X Gearbox Oil X X X X Glacial Acetic Acid X Glycerol X X X Heptane X X X X Hexane X X X X Hydrazine X Hydrochloric Acid X Hydrofluoric Acid X Hydrogen Cyanide X X X Hydrogen Peroxide X X X Isobutyl Alcohol X X X X Isobutyric Acid X X X Isopropyl Acetate X X X X Isopropyl Alcohol X X X X Kerosene X X X X Keytones X X X X Linseed Oil X X X X Lubricating Oil X X X X Magnesium Hydroxide X X Methyl Alcohol X X X X Methyl Chloride X X X Methyl Ether X X X X Methyl Ethyl Ketone X X X X Methyl Propionate X X X X Mineral Oil X X X X Motor Oil X X X X Naphthalene X X X X Nitric Acid X Chemical Universal Oil Only Chemical Organic Nitrobenzene X Nitrobenzoic Acid X Nitrotoluene X X X X Octane X X X X Oleic Acid X X X Olive Oil X X X X Paraffin X X X X Perchloroethylene X X X X Petroleum Ether X X X X Phenol X X X Phosphoric Acid X Plating Solutions X Potassium Hydroxide X X Propanol X X X Propionic Acid X X X Propyl Alcohol X X X X Propylene Glycol X X X X Quinoline X Resorcinol X Salt Solutions (metallic) X X X Silicone Oil X X X X Silver Nitrate X X X Soap Solution (concentrated) X X X X Sodium Bicarbonate X X X Sodium Chloride X X X Sodium Hydroxide X Sodium Hypochlorite X X X Sodium Nitrate X X X Stannic Chloride X Starch X X X Styrene X X X X Sucrose X X X Sulfuric Acid X Synthetic Motor Oil X X X X Tannic Acid X Toluene X X X X Transformer Oil X X X X Trichloroethylene X X X X Triethylene Glycol X X X X Turpentine X X X X Urine X X X Vinyl Acetate X X X X Vinegar X X X Xylene X X X X Universal Polypropylene Products: Battlemat Absorbents UXT Absorbents HT Absorbents MRO Plus Absorbents GP Absorbents Basic Universal Absorbents SIR & BSM Mats AllWIK SOCs & Pillows Cobra Coil SOCs Oil Only Polypropylene Products: Oil Only SOCs & Pillows Trackmat Absorbents SXT Oil Absorbents Oil Plus Absorbents SPC Oil Absorbents ENV Oil Absorbents Basic Oil Only Absorbents Static Resistant Absorbents Chemical Polypropylene Products: BRIGHTSORB High Visibility Absorbents Chemical Absorbents Universal Plus Absorbents HAZWIK SOCs & Pillows Organic Products: Re-Form Absorbents Re-Form Plus Absorbents Re-Form XPlus Absorbents Re-Form Oil Only Absorbents MULTIWIK & SLIKWIK SOCs Dri-zorb Granular Re-Form Granular Rag Rug Absorbents Disclaimer: The above information is provided as a guide only. No claims or warranties are expressed or implied as to the absolute accuracy of the data supplied. In all cases it is assumed chemicals in question are at ambient temperatures and pressure and are used in basic state, not in combination or mixtures. Small test samplings by user is always recommended to ensure safe application.

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