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13 1-888-272-3946 BradyID.com/SPC Learning Center Emergency Spill Response SPC Recommends: Spill Kits, Pallets, Drain Plugs Spill kits bundle together all of the necessary products to clean up an unexpected spill. Other spill containment options include spill pallets, drain plugs and absorbent storage centers. Specialty Absorbents SPC Recommends: Marine or Granular Products Marine environments require boom, sweep and drag nets to remove fluids in or near bodies of water. Granular absorbents are available when loose absorbents are preferred or when acid/base neutralization is required prior to spill clean-up. General Purpose Wiping, Drips & Leaks SPC Recommends: Pads, Rolls, Socs & Pillows Pre-cut pads and perforated rolls provide easy access to absorbents for general purpose use around your facility. Use specialized SOCs and pillows around or underneath dripping equipment. Heavy Foot & Forklift Traffic SPC Recommends: Mats & Rugs Mats and rugs offer greater durability to withstand harsh conditions. Barrier-backed options prevent liquid from penetrating the absorbent and reaching the floor underneath while printed mats warn of possible slips, trips and fall hazards. Choosing Your Absorbents Step Two: Identify Your Application 2

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