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14 Learning Center Coverstock Durability of an absorbent increases with the addition of a coverstock layer. For simple drips or leaks, a 1-ply absorbent is all you need. For wiping or foot traffic, a 3-ply absorbent will offer the necessary durability. For abrasive applications, a pad with spunbond coverstock helps to reduce linting or tearing. 1-ply Construction (No Coverstock) Economical single-ply has lower durability resulting in high linting and tearing. 2-ply Construction (1-Side Coverstock) A single layer of coverstock offers medium durability and linting. 3-ply Construction (2-Sides Coverstock) Two layers of coverstock offer maximum durability and reduce possible linting or tearing. Dimpled Surface Dimpling increases product strength for areas requiring greater durability. Smooth absorbents have greater surface area and are more absorbent per square inch compared to similarly constructed, dimpled products. Dimpled Provides increased durability. Non-Dimpled Offers more absorbent surface area. Single Perf Featured on many pads & rolls. Double Perf Featured on many rolls and mats. Triple Perf Unique to the High Traffic Universal rolls. Absorbency Weight The absorbency weight can make a significant difference in how much product is required. For small spills, choose a light or medium weight product to avoid waste. For large spills or continuous leaks, choose a heavy weight product to reduce total material used. Perforations Perforations provide a variety of size options all in one product by allowing you to quickly tear off exactly what is needed to contain the spill. Under-Saturated Absorbents aren't being used to their full potential. You're throwing money away! Over-Saturated Absorbents aren't cleaning the whole spill. Increase the weight to get the job done with less product. Choosing Your Absorbents Step Three: Select Absorbent Features 3

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