Absorbent And Spill Control Catalog Page 22 Universal Pads & Rolls

22 Universal Absorbency && Best & Better Good Universal Absorbency Universal Pads & Rolls BASIC Universal Absorbents Value-priced universal all-purpose absorbent. Universal absorbency to handle most fluids (water, petroleum and chemical-based) Economical single-ply pads & rolls made of universal meltblown polypropylene Additional Features: Perforated: Select exactly the size you need Dimpled: Adds durability & reduces linting Gray Color: Masks spills, reducing the urge to replace absorbents before fully saturated Product Summary: Recommended For: Anywhere there is a leak, spill or drip General industrial applications Manufacturing, Printing and Transportation Absorbs: Oils, Coolants, Solvents and Water-based Fluids Coverstock: No Coverstock (1-Ply) Durability: 3 Linting: High Linting Absorbencies: Heavy & Light Weight Cost: $

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