Absorbent And Spill Control Catalog Page 28 Universal Pads & Rolls

28 Universal Absorbency Universal Pads & Rolls Re-Form Eco-Friendly Universal Absorbents for Water- or Oil-Based Fluids Re-Form absorbent pads and rolls are eco-friendly, green products made of recycled materials. They feature the same universal absorbency as their polypropylene counterparts, making them ideal for coolants, solvents, oils and other water-based or petroleum-based fluids. Re-Form absorbent materials have been tested to absorb 25-50% more than polypropylene materials which means you'll use less product to absorb the same size spill. Re-Form Absorbents Provide: Better Absorbency: Tested to be 25-50% more absorbent than standard polypropylene absorbents, so you'll use less product to get the job done. Cost Savings: Increased absorbency means reduced waste and greater cost savings. Green Product: Made from a minimum of 80% recycled fibers, unlike standard polypropylene absorbents. High absorbency recycled materials give the products their greenish-blue color. A green product in more ways than one! Sustainability: Supports corporate sustainability and LEED initiatives. Class A Fire Retardant: Re-Form Absorbents meet NFPA Class A Fire retardancy. Why Perforations? Perforated pads and rolls allow you to quickly choose as large or as small of an absorbent as you need - cutting back on waste within your facility.

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