Absorbent And Spill Control Catalog Page 34 Oil Only Pads & Rolls

34 Oil Only Absorbency Oil Only Pads & Rolls Oil Only Absorbency Absorb Oil- & Petroleum-Based Fluids While Repelling Water. Oil only absorbents are specially designed to clean-up oils and petroleum-based liquids while also repelling water and floating indefinitely. Unaffected by temperature and impervious to rot and mildew, oil only aborbents are an ideal choice for outdoor use, in bodies of water or anywhere that water may be inadvertanty absorbed. Oil Only Absorbent Family: All oil only pads and rolls start with a highly absorbent polypropylene core. From there, it's all about the application. Product families feature different weights, coverstocks and finishing to provide the right solution for your needs. Wiping Drips Outdoors Liquids Absorbed: Drilling and cutting fluids Hydraulic and brake fluids Engine oils Transmission fluids Lubricants Gasoline, diesel and aircraft fuels Cooking oils Oil-based paints and solvents Other oils and petroleum-based fluids Popular Applications: Outdoors Around bodies of water Wiping tools Small spills Under leaky pipes Around machinery Outdoor storage containers Under dripping valves Other general purpose maintenance

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