Absorbent And Spill Control Catalog Page 56 SOCs, Pillows & Drum Covers

56 SOCs, Pillows & Drum Covers Liquids Absorbed: Universal Absorbency: Coolants, solvents, oils, paint and other water-based fluids Oil Only Absorbency: Oils, coolants, solvents and other oil-based fluids (repels water) Chemical Absorbency: Acids and bases, aggressive chemicals and other unknown chemicals Popular Applications: Wrap a SOC around your machine to stop leaks from reaching the floor Place a pillow in a tight space between machines to catch splashes or overspray Keep drum storage areas clean and dry with pre-cut drum covers SOCs, Pillows & Drum Covers For every leak, drip and spill need Specialty absorbent products including SOCs, pillows and drum covers can be used around a facility when a pad or roll may not be sufficient. The unique style of these products allows you to place the absorbent exactly where you need it. SOCs, Pillows & Drum Covers

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