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61 1-888-272-3946 BradyID.com/SPC SOCs, Pillows & Drum Covers new Catalog # Type Size Absorbency Factor (gl/gs) Absorbency Capacity (gal) Shipping Wt (lbs) Pallet Qty. Quantity Universal Pillows AW1818 Pillow 18"x18" 12.5 28 19 15 16/case AW99 Pillow 9"x9" 12.5 14 10 40 32/case Oil Only Pillows OIL1818 Pillow 18"x18" 12.5 28 19 15 16/case OIL99 Pillow 9"x9" 12.5 14 10 40 32/case BRIGHTSORB High Visibility Pillows CH1818 Pillow 18"x18" 12.5 14 9.5 15 16/case HAZWIK Chemical Pillows HAZ1818 Pillow 18"x18" 12.5 14 9.5 15 16/case HAZ99 Pillow 9"x9" 12.5 10 14 40 32/case Pillows Absorbent pillows are ideal for use under spill pallets or machines that are known to drip or leak. Pillows are easy to retrieve, and can soak up oil and water-based fluids in hard-to- reach areas including sumps, catch basins and outdoor ponds. ALLWIK Universal Pillow Oil Only Pillow BRIGHTSORB Chemical Pillow with high visibility color and print HAZWIK Chemical Pillow ALLWIK Universal Pillows All-purpose polypropylene pillow Suitable for most industrial applications Ideal under valves and for other dripping applications Oil Only Pillows Specialized oil only polypropylene pillow will not absorb water or water-based solutions Ideal for outdoor use in waste troughs, coolant tanks, fluid reservoirs and sump wells Chemical HAZWIK and BRIGHTSORB High Visibility Pillows Absorb chemicals, acids and bases Ideal for extra protection during packaging and transport BRIGHTSORB High Visibility Pillows feature a bright yellow color and print to help prevent slips, trips and falls new

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