Absorbent And Spill Control Catalog Page 64 Mats & Rugs

64 Mats & Rugs Mats and Rugs For foot and forklift traffic Brady SPC absorbent mats and rugs help keep aisles and walkways slip-free by absorbing and containing oils, liquids or other spills. They are designed to hold up under the toughest conditions and are ideal for high traffic areas and workstations. Compared to an entrance mat, absorbent mats and rugs offer better traction and reduce the tracking of liquids from one area to another. Mat & Rug Family: Brady SPC absorbent mats and rugs are constructed from a variety of more durable polypropylene materials. Featuring barrier backings and tighter fiber weaves, these products will stand up to higher traffic areas. This technology means that fibers or absorbent materials will not come loose around high traffic areas or workstations. Adhesive Liquids Absorbed: Bases Oils Chemicals Solvents Water-based fluids Popular Applications: Heavy foot traffic Aisles and walkways Around workstations To reduce tracking liquids throughout facility Barrier Backed Safety Printed

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