Absorbent And Spill Control Catalog Page 66 Mats & Rugs

66 Mats & Rugs TOUGHSORB Permanent & Semi-Permanent Adhesive Mats Easy adherence for high traffic aisles and walkways. Choose from permanent or semi-permanent options. Universal absorbency to handle most fluids (water, petroleum and chemical-based) Strong needle-punched polypropylene with an adhesive backing Additional Features: Adhesive Backing: Permanent or semi-permanent adhesive backing adheres to surfaces to keep the absorbent in place and reduce slips, trips and falls. Specialty Product: Adhesive Backed Product Summary: Recommended For: Aisles and walkways Areas with high foot and forklift traffic Lining entrances and exits Lining tool cribs and work surfaces Absorbs: Oils, Coolants, Solvents and Water-based Fluids Construction: Adhesive backing (2-Ply) Durability: 3 3 3 Linting: Low Linting Absorbencies: Heavy & Medium Weight Cost: $ $ $ Catalog # Type Size Perforated Absorbency Factor (gl/gs) Absorbency Capacity (gal) Shipping Wt (lbs) Pallet Qty. Quantity Permanent Adhesive Mat Rolls AD30100 Heavy Wt. Roll 30"x100' No 8 21 29 20 1/case AD15100 Heavy Wt. Roll 15"x100' No 8 11 15 40 1/case Semi-Permanent Adhesive Mat Rolls AD30100-BLUE Medium Wt. Roll 30"x100' No 8 21 29 20 1/case AD15100-BLUE Medium Wt. Roll 15"x100' No 8 11 15 40 1/case Permanent adhesive mat is protected by a clear liner that must be removed prior to use. Semi-permanent adhesive mat can be applied and removed as needed making it ideal for floors and work surfaces. new

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