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89 1-888-272-3946 BradyID.com/SPC Spill Kits & Containment Drain Plugs Conical-shaped drain plugs made from chemical-resistant PVC keep spills from entering the drainage system and feature a "metal eye" for easy insertion or removal. Then just rinse and re-use when finished Drain Seals Resist water, oil and most aggressive fluids Easy application; soap and water cleanup for re-use SLIKSTOPPER drain seals are made from flexible, chemical resistant PVC and help prevent spills from flowing into drainage systems Spill Magnet Seals are backed with a strong magnet to tightly seal drains Storm Drain Guards Non-woven polypropylene drain guards keep oil, sediment and contaminants from entering the water system Holds up to 40 lbs of sediment; flow rate is 500 gpm (new) and 700 gpm bypass DGUARD14 and DGUARD1410 feature X-TEX filter strips which increase absorbency SLIKSTOPPER PVC Drain Seal Spill Magnet Drain Seal Catalog # Type Size Shipping Wt (lbs) Pallet Qty. Quantity PLUG6 Drain Plug 6" Plug 6 50 1/case PLUG4 Drain Plug 4" Plug 4 50 1/case PLUG3 Drain Plug 3" Plug 3 50 1/case PLUG2 Drain Plug 2" Plug 2 50 1/case Catalog # Type Size Shipping Wt (lbs) Pallet Qty. Quantity PVC42 Slikstopper 42" x 42" 46 20 1/case PVC36 Slikstopper 36" x 36" 34 35 1/case PVC24 Slikstopper 24" x 24" 14 40 1/case PVC18 Slikstopper 18" x 18" 9 80 1/case 96229 Spill Magnet 12" dia. 1 100 1/each Catalog # Type Size Absorbency Capacity (gal) Shipping Wt (lbs) Pallet Qty. Quantity DGUARD14 Drain Guard 36" x 48" x 18" 1.4 2 36 1/case DGUARD1410 Drain Guard 36" x 48" x 18" 14 20 20 10/case DGUARD9 Drain Guard 36" x 48" x 18" 0.9 1 36 1/case DGUARD910 Drain Guard 36" x 48" x 18" 9 10 20 10/case Drain Protection EPA regulations require that facilities prevent fluids from entering the environment. To effectively prevent run-off from reaching storm drains, make sure to have the appropriate drain protection on hand.

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