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17 1-888-272-3946 Label Materials For full material specs, visit and search by the B-Number. Finding the correct label height for your Self Laminating labels If you know your wire diameter or wire circumference, you can easily determine the correct label height by using the formula below. Step 1: Wire Diameter x 3.14 (pi) = Wire Circumference Step 2: Wire Circumference x 1.5 (allowing label to wrap 1.5 times around wire) = Total Label Length B-427 Self-Laminating Vinyl Material Brady's most popular wire and cable marker. Self-laminating vinyl features white printable area with a clear "tail" that wraps around marker. Tail serves as overlaminate to protect the print. Superior resistance to abrasion, solvents, water, oil and dirt. B-642 Self-Laminating Vinyl Material B-642 Wire Wraps are self-extinguishing and self-laminating with good solvent and heat resistance. This material is a thin tape with excellent flexibility for wrapping on small diameter wires. Features a white printable area with a "clear" tail that wraps over printed legend. This material is intended for cable and wire bundle applications where self-extinguishing properties are required. Printer Compatibility: Bradyprinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer Brady IP Printer Wraptor A6500 Printer Applicator BBP 33 Printer BMP 71 Printer Printer Compatibility: Wraptor A6500 Printer Applicator BMP 71 Printer Ribbon Compatibility: R4300 Series R4500 Color Series Ribbon Compatibility: R4300 Series R4500 Color Series Temp Range: -40F to 158F (-40C to 70C) Temp Range: -94F to 248F (-70C to 120C) Available Colors: Meets Specs: UL Recognized RoHS Compliant * with approved ribbons and surfaces Meets Specs: RoHS Compliant * with approved ribbons and surfaces * Material is also dot matrix printable on a variety of dot matrix printers using R2000 and R5000 dot matrix ribbons. Tested per: ASTM G155, Cycle 1 ASTM B117 White Yellow Red Blue Green Violet White Fits Wire Diameters: 0.079" (2.02 mm) and up Fits Wire Diameters: 0.159" (4.04 mm) and up

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