Aerospace Defense Mass Transit Marine Brochure Page 2 Expect Performance. Demand Brady.

Brady offers outstanding solutions in extreme environments for aircraft, military vehicles, ships, trains and other mass transit systems that demand high performance identification products. When you choose Brady, you get the total solution. We make sure you have everything from the materials to the printers to the software to the expert support you need - every step of the way. Expect Performance. Developed In-House, by our Experts As a leader in wire and component identification, Brady's team of scientists and engineers work to provide you with innovative products of the highest technological quality. Brady's Tobey Research Center material scientists rigorously test all of our products in-house to ensure high performance, industry compliance, durability and reliability. O Over 200 technologists in laboratory sites around the world O More than 20 label material patents and growing O Electro-mechanical, materials and software development teams The Identification Company you Trust Since 1914, Brady has been making identification products and has evolved along with our customers' needs. Brady works with you to understand your processes and find ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase facility performance. We cover a large spectrum of identification needs from smaller, mobile applications to sophisticated, integrated high-volume needs. Brady's solutions approach provides flexibility to keep your processes running smoothly. O Customized solutions to fit your work flow and improve applied label cost O Strong distribution network to ensure product availability O Expert technical support for all of your product questions O Knowledgeable sales force with years of industry experience 2

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