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23 1-888-272-3946 Specialty Systems An easy-to-use, fast and cost-effective alternative to manual sleeve application. The BSP 45 Applicator automatically removes sleeves from the liner, opening and applying them to the wires. Fast. Up to 6-10 seconds faster than manual labeling. Easy. Eliminate the tedious, manual and repetitive task of application that can lead to bottlenecks and repetitive motion injuries. Cost Effective. Save labor time and resources with quicker, automated application. Reliable. Durable unit for high-volume, long term use. More info online: Mandrels and Dies* Mandrels and dies can quickly be interchanged for sleeve application jobs of .094 to .315 sleeve diameters and in both 1" and 2" sleeve widths. *One set of dies and one mandrel of your choice included with applicator. BSP 45 Compatible Materials: O O SA-3PS Polyolefin PermaSleeves (B-342) O O SA-2LSZH Low Smoke Zero Halogen PermaSleeves (B-7641) O O SA-3DR Diesel Resistant PermaSleeves (B-7646) Make the Identification Process Easier The Wraptor A6500 helps you move through your work faster and takes manual processes out of your hands. With this innovative print and apply machine, you can move your productivity forward - and turn a series of labor-intensive, inefficient tasks into a modern automated process. Benefits include: Increased Productivity. Save time and labor by printing and applying labels in 5 seconds in a modern automated process. Easy to Use. Includes a full color responsive touch screen and an icon based user interface for ease-of-use. Easy to Connect. Enhanced connectivity, three USB ports and 32GB of internal memory to store commonly used job files. Wraptor Compatible Materials: O O B-427 Self-Laminating Wire Material O O B-472 Polyimide Wirewrap Material O O B-499 Nylon Cloth Material

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