Aerospace Defense Mass Transit Marine Brochure Page 4 Build Your Identification Solution

Expertly Engineered Materials Our high performance identification materials offer outstanding performance in extreme environments. Brady gives you a variety of options for your application and work with you to select the best type to meet your needs. O Heat shrink tubing O Wire wrap labels O Flat surface and component labels O Fluid line tapes O Wire, cable and bundle tags On-Demand Printing Solutions From small, hand-held printers for on-the-job applications to large, industrial units for high-volume printing, Brady's proven printing solutions help you create clear, professional-looking identification that has the durability to withstand even the harshest environments. O Integrates into your processes O Prints up to 20,000 labels per day O Prints on a range of our expertly engineered materials O Easiest and most versatile printing solutions in the industry Robust Label Design Software Our LabelMark software is the final piece to your identification solution. Whether you need to print high volumes of labels or set-up batch printing and printer pairing, LabelMark software can improve the efficiency of your label creation process. Developed and tested internally, LabelMark software is continuously updated with improved features based on user feedback. O Engineered to take the cost out of label design process O Adaptable to a range of work flows O Easily accessible post-sale technical support Build Your Complete Solution Identification solutions consist of three main components, thermal transfer printers, highly engineered identification materials and label design software. With Brady, it doesn't stop there. We go beyond these three components and combine them with expert support, knowledge and service to give you a better identification experience. Build Your Identification Solution 4

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