Aerospace Defense Mass Transit Marine Brochure Page 5 Printing & Software Solutions

5 1-888-272-3946 Printing Solutions BMP 61 Label Printer BMP 71 Label Printer Catalog # BMP61 BMP71 Max Labels Per Day Average 750 labels/day Average 1000 labels/day Print Resolution 300 dpi Print Technology Thermal transfer Thermal Transfer Print Speed 1.33"/sec (33.8mm/sec) 1.5"/sec (38mm/sec) Tape Widths Various sizes from 0.235" to 2.00" (6.4mm to 50.8mm) Various sizes from 0.235" to 2.00" (6.4 to 50.8 mm) Max Label Width 2.00" (50.8mm) Max Print Width 1.92" (48.76 mm) Memory 512 MB RAM / 256 MB Flash 200 MB Materials Supported BPTL, BPTDS, BPSPT, BPTLTB, PTL, PSHT, PTLEP, PTS, PTLFP, PSPT, PTPSL, PSFR, PTPS, PTLSL, BM71, M61, M61C, BM61C, Custom available M71-, BM71-, BPTL- Series. 450+ stock parts, plus TLS parts with adaptor Continuous vs Die Cut Continuous & die cut labels Connectivity Options Yes PC Connectivity USB/Wifi USB Software Compatibility Labelmark Software version 6.0 or higher, Brady Mobile Apps LabelMark / CodeSoft Software File Transfer from PC Yes - w/ Labelmark Software Yes - w/ Labelmark Software Wireless Connectivity Yes, Wifimodel only No Stand Alone Printing Yes Color Capability Single print color on a label Keyboard QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, CYRILLIC Backlit Screen 2.8", backlit 3.5", backlit Text Sizes 4 to 174pt + autosizing 4 to 174 pt + autosizing Multi-Line Print Yes Print Rotation Yes Serialization Yes, multiple and linked Barcode 39 and 128 Symbols Categories 450 500+ Portability Yes Applications Basic and Die Cut labels for Wire and Cable ID, Datacomm and A/V labeling, Electrical ID, Panel ID, Product ID, Facility ID, Safety and Maintenance, General ID Circuit Board Labeling, Data Communications Labeling, Facility, Safety & Maintenance Identification, General & Industrial Labeling, Panel Identification, Security Identification, Wire & Cable Marking, Pipe Marking Power Supply Rechargable NiMH battery, AC Power/battery changer Weight 3.212 lbs 5.429 lbs (2.47 kg) Warranty 2 years Label Types or Application Functions PermaSleeves Heat Shrinking, DuraSleeves, Polypropylene Wire Markers, Polyester (Ultra Aggressive, Permanent Adhesive, High Performance, Metallized, Tamper Evident, Clear, Freezerbondz, Engraved Plate Substitute) High Temp Polyimide, Polypropylene, Vinyl Tag, Polyester Nameplace, Polyethylene Tag, VOID Footprint Polyester, Self-Extinguishing Tedlar, Nylon Cloth, Tamper Evident Vinyl, Tamper Resistant Metallized Vinyl, Tamper Resistant Vinyl, Self-Laminating Vinyl, Respositionable Vinyl Cloth, General Purpose Paper Polyester (Adhesive, Permanent, Metallized, Clear, Flame Retardant, Ultra Aggressive, & High Performance, Engraved Plate Substitute) Polyethylene Tag, Polyethylene, Block Vinyl, Permasleeve Heat Shrinking, Polypropylene Tag, Polyimide, Vinyl (Tamper-Evident, Destructible, Repositional, Self Laminating, Indoor/ Outdoor) Polyimide, Repositionable Vinyl Cloth, Nylon Cloth, Polypropylene Tape, Phosphorescent, Reflective, Tedlar, ToughWash, ToughWash Metal Detectable Portable Printers Comparison Guide

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