Aerospace Defense Mass Transit Marine Brochure Page 7 Label Design Software

LabelMark Labeling Software integrates data sources, label design and batch printing into one cohesive system, a time-saving solution for operation label set-up, management and execution. Brady knows there are features critical to the success of your identification process, so we've designed our software to make sure your needs are always covered. O Single-click serialization O Custom label material formats O Barcode creation - both 1D and 2D symbologies O Batch printing - store and print multiple label files in one job file LabelMark software offers unmatched flexibility, power and support for label printing to help you achieve all of your industrial identification needs. LabelMark Label Design Software Import External Data Easily imports data from AutoCAD applications, reducing the chance for human error and saving label creation time. Two-sided Sleeve Design With our robust offering of two sided printable sleeves, you need an easy way to see and design both printable sides in an easy-to-use format. LabelMark provides this and even underlines the 6's and 9's to take the guess work out of numbering. Label Part & Printer Pairing When you need to pair multiple label types with specific printers, you set up the pairing once and you're done. Afterwards, each time the part is printed, it is sent directly to its paired printer. 7

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