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7 1-888-272-3946 Software Solutions Label Design Software CodeSoft Labeling Software This enterprise-level label design software allows users to design and print custom labels for product identification and tracking. CodeSoft Barcode Software is the professional solution for the most complex barcode labeling projects. CodeSoft excels at integrating with users systems and 3rd party software. The software provides a range of barcode label design features for any project, from easy label designs to general bar coding. Brady Labeling Software gives you the power to design and print labels with ease and flexibility. Whether you need to print text, barcodes or graphic images, fixed or variable data, user defined or database driven, Brady has the barcode and labeling software to handle all your custom label needs. Brady Workstation Label Creation Apps The latest in label creation software, Brady Workstation has revolutionized the way you create labels with your Brady printers. Instead of using a CD to install label-making software on your computer, you simply download the Brady Workstation platform to your desktop and then add the label-creation apps you want. Download A Free Trial 1. Download at 2. Fill the workstation with the apps you want 3. Save time by quickly designing and printing labels! Brady Workstation Print Partner Suite Brady Workstation Print Partner is a companion software to LabelMark software. With Print Partner, you separate the printing task from the design task. Simply create a LabelMark template, share it across your sites and install the template into Print Partner where the actual printing happens. End users will only be able to complete the designated fields to maintain label format consistency across sites. Reduction of Human Error O O End users cannot accidently change the layout O O End users only complete the required info O O The design is separated from the final label printing The Process O O Use LabelMark to create your own template. O O Save your file to a location accessible by the computer running Print Partner software O O Open template in Print Partner, fill in entries, print! Custom Designer App Design anything you can imagine. Start with a blank canvas and create a label or sign that meets your needs. Add barcodes or QR codes, import data from Excel and more! Brady Workstation Advanced Import Advanced Import allows users to import data from sources other than Microsoft Excel, helping to expand the functionality and knowledge of Brady Workstation. It enables a user to import from most third party sources, including delimited text files, MS Access, OLEDB and SQL server clients, and more! It also allows a user to filter and sort the results as desired or even create a custom query. The Process O O Save time by importing from ANY third party source O O Easy to use data import wizard O O Increased flexibility and control through filters, sorting & edit SQL query Request Demo:

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