Aerospace Defense Mass Transit Marine Brochure Page 8 Printing & Software Solutions

8 Label Materials For full material specs, visit and search by the B-Number. High Performance Label Materials Developed In-House, by our Experts As a leader in wire and component identification, Brady's team of scientists and engineers work to provide you with innovative products of the highest technological quality. Brady's Tobey Research Center material scientists rigorously test all of our products in-house to ensure high performance, industry compliance, durability and reliability. O O Over 200 technologists in laboratory sites around the world O O More than 20 label material patents and growing O O Electro-mechanical, materials and software development teams Designed to Last. Engineered to Perform The materials developed by Brady scientists are designed for a wide spectrum of applications and environments. Brady's in-depth knowledge of the conditions that products face requires extensive testing in harsh environments, including: O O Chemical and fuels: Skydrol , JP-8 Jet Fuel and brake fluids O O Temperatures from -70C to 225C O O Zero-halogen and low out-gassing options Brady's products are not only designed to withstand the harshest of environments, but are also designed with the user in mind. We spend time getting to know our customers in order to understand what you need from our products. That means our heat shrink tubing products are: O O Quick and easy to remove from the carrier - no need to cut or tear the sleeve O O Printed with the part numbers along the carrier for easy identification, even after portions are removed from the roll and shipped to different locations

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