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Two powerful printers that take on ALL your labeling needs with unprecedented ease! No more tedious, time-consuming setups. No more difficult-to-load materials. No more wasted labels. No more hassles. These printers are so simple to use and so incredibly fast to set up that most of our customers don't even believe us the first time we show them. But believe it, because it is really is that easy, and you really will be that fast, and you really will avoid wasted labels. Industrial label printing that's simple, powerful and brilliantly fast. Exactly the way label making should be. The way label making should be. Automatic label setup with no calibration The printer "reads" critical information from your cartridges and automatically sets up the label correctly in the printer or your Brady software. The printer does all this for you! 20-second material changeovers Foolproof "drop-in" ribbon and label cartridges (anyone can do it!) Drop in the cartridge, lock it and start typing - that's all you need to do! No threading the ribbon around spools and printheads No need to assemble spindles or mount rolls Ink side of ribbon always faces the right way Easy-to-handle cartridges that won't roll away or get damaged BBP 31 Printer - stand-alone printing & ultimate ease of use Still the easiest! Just walk up and print. Literally. The best choice for facility and safety and lean/5S "Kaizen event" labeling with a printer that operates stand alone or from your PC. Safety, facility and lean/5S applications - 275 parts, 12 materials Stand-alone operation ideal for mobile use and "lean events" Intuitive, simple to learn, very approachable - ideal for multi-user situations and events Compatible with powerful MarkWare PC software, plus has Windows based driver for 3rd party software use (ex: print from MSWord) BBP 33 Printer - PC-only printing with expanded material options Never-before-seen supply changeover speed and waste-free set-up in a PC-only printer. Full ranges of facility, safety & lean/5S label materials as well as die cut labels for, wire ID, lab ID and product ID. Safety, facility and lean/5S applications - 275 parts, 12 materials Wire ID, lab ID & general ID die cuts - 310 parts, 31 materials, plus custom sizes available! Ideal facility-wide printer where mobile use multi-user event labeling are not as important Compatible with LabelMark , CodeSoft and MarkWare PC software, plus Windows based driver for 3rd party software use (ex: print from MSWord) No sensor adjustment or calibration (or wasted labels!) No print speed or burn temp trials and errors (or wasted labels!) No scrolling through lists searching for label part No need to set up label dimensions in software Fast. Simple. Powe

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