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Introducing the BBP 33 Label Printer - and a whole new way to make labels . No more tedious, time-consuming setups or calibrations. No more difficult-to-load materials. No more wasted labels. No more hassles. This printer is so simple to use, most of our customers don't even believe us the first time we show them. But believe it, because it really is that easy. It's an industrial label printer that's simple, powerful and brilliantly fast. Exactly the way label making should be. Unbelievably easy. The way label making should be. Automatic label setup with no calibration! The printer "reads" your cartridges and then automatically sets up the label correctly in your Brady software. 20-second material changeovers Complete ribbon and label changeovers, in as fast as 20 seconds! Foolproof "drop-in" ribbon and label cartridges (anyone can do it!) Drop in the cartridge, lock it and start typing - that's all you need to do! No threading the ribbon around spools and printheads No need to assemble spindles or mount rolls Ink side of ribbon always faces the right way Easy-to-handle cartridges that won't roll away, unspool or get damaged Prints on the first label! No more wasted labels - even on sleeves! No label calibration, alignment or sensor adjustments before printing Save labels and save money Impressive material lineup With over 550 parts in 44 materials, this printer meets your primary labeling needs, and so much more. Wire & panel labels AND safety & arc flash labels Rating plates & circuit board labels AND production line facility labels Pipe markers & 5S labels AND general purpose die cut labels No wasted labels (prints on the first label!) No sensor adjustment No need to specify if gapped or notched supply No print speed or burn temp trials and errors No need to set up label dimensions in software No importing label file patches into software No scrolling through lists to select your label part The printer does all of this for you! See for yourself how the BBP 33 Label Printer prints faster and eliminates wasted labels! Visit today!

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