Bbp35 Bbp37 Printer Brochure Page 13 BBP35 BBP37 Printer Brochure 1-888-272-3946 13 Brady Workstation Create complex labels with intuitive software When you have more complex identification projects, connect the BBP35 or BBP37 to your PC and create labels with the intuitive Brady Workstation software. This software is a combination of applications and software suites that are designed to help you easily create and print labels for a variety of applications in your facility. These apps and suites are tailored to make specific identification tasks throughout your facility fast and easy so you can complete the job with ease. Learn more about these and other apps and suites at 1. Download Brady Workstation at workstation. 2. Fill your workstation with individual apps or an entire suite 3. Save time by quickly designing labels and printing Download your free 30-day trial Apps Developed with built-in regulations, standards, pictograms, common phrases, data importation guidance, help functions and more, you have the tools you need to create labels for nearly any application. Suites Choose from a variety of suites that combine various sets of apps to meet your labeling needs. Safety and Facility Identification Suite Keep your facility safe and compliant with this suite. This software makes it easy to create custom signs, labels and pipemarkers to add visual safety guidance to your facility. Automation Suite Get the power to fully automate your label printing with this suite. Easily set up templates and import data to make label creation an automated and error-free process. Print Partner Suite This suite includes everything you need to fill in your templates and print, including importing data from a variety of supported data sources or automatically generating sequential data for your labels.

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