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22 Brady Workstation Create labels on your PC and send to your printer. Brady has revolutionized the way you create labels on your PC with the new Brady Workstation and its apps that are specific to the projects you want to execute. It's built to be super powerful and super simple - just pick the apps you need to get your job done. How does it work? Download the free Brady Workstation program then fill it with the apps you need and leave out the ones you don't. Apps made to work for you. These apps feature built in regulations and standards, pictograms, common phrases, data importing, guidance and help functions - all to help you create signs and labels to keep your facility compliant and safe. Most of the apps are free, while others vary in cost with the option of a 14-day free trial. Express Signs App Create your signs in no time with this free app. Simply pick a template, enter your info and you're ready to print! Don't like the layouts? Adjust them. Custom Designer App Design anything you can imagine in this free app. Start with a blank canvas to create a label or sign that meets your unique needs. Add barcodes or QR codes, import data from Excel and more! Pipe Marker & Arrow Tape Apps Easily comply with the latest pipe marking standard, ANSI/ ASME 13.1 2007 or choose a different standard if you wish. This free app allows you to create customized pipe markers, then save them to use again whenever you want more. Lockout Writer App Quickly create compliant lockout tagout labels. This app includes procedure printing templates, simple translations, easy-to-use image editing for callouts, and import capabilities from Lockout-Pro software. GHS Labels App Creating GHS labels is now amazingly simple. Enter your SDS data one time in simple drop down list and template text entry fashion, and you can create any size label and print it at any time. Available Brady Workstation Apps There are several label creation apps within Brady Workstation to fit a wide variety of applications. Don't need all of the apps? No problem! Once Brady Workstation is downloaded to your PC, you can choose which apps you want and leave out the ones you don't. Visit to download the program and choose from several apps, including Express Signs app, Pipe Marker app, Custom Designer app, GHS app and Lockout Writer app. 1. Download Brady Workstation at 2. Fill the workstation with the apps you want and leave out the ones you don't 3. Save time by quickly designing labels within the app and then printing them on your BBP 31, BBP 33, BBP 35, BBP 37, BBP 85 and GlobalMark 2 printers Download Workstation Today!

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