Bbp35 Bbp37 Printer Brochure Page 4 BBP35 & BBP37 Printer Brochure

4 Legendary Material Performance O Brady labels are reliable and durable because we design labels in our own facilities and put them through rigorous R&D tests and trials before they're ready for use O Nothing leaves our doors without meeting our standards O Some last up to 10 years outdoors. Stick to rough surfaces or smooth; dirty surfaces or clean; in harsh conditions or normal conditions. With that kind of reliability, you'll only need to make these labels once Options. Lots of Options O Print pipe labels, GHS chemical labels, labels that glow in the dark and labels that aren't even labels at all (they're tags!) O With over 300 parts in all, you can label it all! O Any "B30" label or ribbon supply is compatible for use in BBP35 and 37 sign and label printers, if it was manufactured after September 1, 2015 This icon indicates that a particular part can be XY-Plotter cuttable in the BBP37 printer model. Shapes and 0.75" or taller text can be cut from these materials.

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