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The BBP 85 Sign a The BBP 85 Label Printer allows you to create 10" labels in multiple colors, and it has an easier- than-ever interface that anyone on your team can use! No more complex, tedious design steps. No more ordering and waiting. Now you can just walk up and print and instantly create high quality, multi-colored visuals up to 10" wide. There's BIG and BOLD . Then there's BIG and BOLD from Brady. Bold Multi-Color Printing. Get your message noticed with strong, colorful visuals. Print up to 4 colors on a single label for professional-looking, custom-made signs, labels and warnings that demand attention. Highly durable multi-color thermal transfer printing Print common sign formats even faster using pre-printed sign header supplies Add more label creation flexibility with Markware Software (v3.9.3 and higher) Ethernet port for easy printer networking Big Output. Little Fuss. Create extra-large custom signs and labels right now! This printer has our fastest, easiest operating system, so anyone on your team can design visuals with little to no training. The ideal printer for multi-user Lean 5S and kaizen labeling events! Unmistakably large visuals up to 10" wide Just walk up and printit really is that easy! Simple touch-screen interface for stand-alone use, or print from your PC with MarkWare Software Timesaving label design apps to create pipe markers, safety signs, arc flash, right-to-know labels, and more! USB port for importing files, fonts and graphics Don't Miss it! See reverse side for part numbers and unfold for actual size label examples.

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