Bmp21 Plus Label Printer Brochure Page 2 BMP21-PLUS

O O Automatic-label formatting for wire wraps, patch panels, terminal-blocks, cable flags and general banner labels O O Drop-lock-and-print materials O O Passed shock and vibration testing per MIL-STD-810G Method 5.16.6 S4.6.5 O O Rechargeable Li-ION battery O O Tape widths 0.25" to 0.75" O O 70 total material parts O O Label grabber holds label after cutting O O 104 symbols for electric, smart home, safety and datacom O O 2-year warranty BMP 21-PLUS Printer Kit Catalog #: BMP21-PLUS-KIT1 Kit includes: printer, hard case, label cartridge, Li-ION battery, power cord and lanyard BMP 21-PLUS Printer Catalog #: BMP21-PLUS Printer includes: quick start guide, label cartridge and lanyard (batteries not included) Accessories Available: Multi-Functional Tool Catalog #: BMP21-TOOL Heavy-duty magnet plus a flashlight and retractable stand. Magnet Attachment Catalog #: BMP21-MAGNET Heavy-duty magnet affixes printer to metal surfaces for hands-free printing. Li-ION Battery Pack Catalog #: BMP21-PLUS-BATT Li-ION battery ensures the power to print even on-the-go. AC Power Adapter Catalog #: M-AC-110937 Power printer from wall outlets. Doubles as a battery charger. Hard Case Catalog #: BMP21-PLUS-HC Includes foam inserts and space to hold up to 6 cartridges or accessories. TOUGH on the Outside. SMART on the Inside.

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