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2 Die-cut Labeling Efficiency Die-cut labels improve your efficiency and save you a lot of hassle so you can stay focused on getting your project done. With the BMP41 printer, you get: Individual pre-cut labels that stay in sequence on liner No need to sort through a pile of labels Easy to hand an entire "kitted job" to another technician for installation or transport to jobsite Labels that easily peel off the liner No need to cut labels with a scissors And of course, the BMP41 printer still allows you to make continuous cut-to-length labels, strips and flags when you need to. More Flexibility, More Parts, More Speed Have more control over your label content and print your jobs faster and easier than before. The BMP41 printer has a large screen, intuitive interface, lots of text editing flexibility with a variety of text sizes and more control over how text appears on your label. In addition, you get a broader range of materials that are easy to install, an all-in-one label plus ribbon cartridge and smart-chip technology that formats your label with a touch of a button. Its built-in applications include: Wire & Cable ID Mode Cable Flag Mode Terminal Block & Patch Panel Mode Circuit Breaker Box Strip Mode 66-, 110-, BIX- Block for Datacomm Mode DesiStrip Mode for Faceplates Banner Mode for General Labeling A rugged, hand-held printer that gives you the versatility of both die-cut and continuous labels, along with auto-formatting labels, an ultra-easy user interface and Brady's legendary label performance - all in the same printer! The Printer That Does It All!

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