Bmp61 Label Printer Brochure Page 6 Printer Overview

6 Easy to Load Consumables The BMP 61 label printer provides easy material loading and an improved, wider and more open loading bay and door. The upgraded core design provides quick pop-in-and-out capabilites and prevents the material from rolling off the table surface and telescoping during change-overs. Smart-Cell Technology With smart-cell technology built into rolls and ribbons, the printer is able to automatically format the objects on your label so that there is no guess work on your part. If materials are not compatible, the screen will show an error. Cartridge Compatibility The BMP 61 label printer is designed to use most of the same material parts as the TLS2200 label printer. Material Options Don't Stop Here The BMP 61 label printer supports over 600 label materials and prints on a range of die-cut and continuous materials up to 2" (51mm) wide. For a full list of consumables, visit or contact customer service at 888-272-3946.

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