Bmp71 Label Printer Brochure Page 19 BMP®71 Label Printer

See The Possibilities With B-412 Polypropylene Tags (M71-40-412) printed with M71-R6200. B-428 Pre-Printed Polyester Labels (M71-30-428-CALI) printed with M71-R4300. B-425 Polypropylene Labels (M71FP-2-425) printed with M71-R4300. B-342 PermaSleeve Wire Markers (BM71-187-1-342) printed with M71-R4300. B-422 Polyester Labels (M71C-375-422) printed with M71-R6000. B-109 Polyethylene Tags (M71-12-109) printed with M71-R4300. B-427 Self-Laminating Vinyl Labels (M71-31-427-YL) printed with M71-R4300. Work Station Labels Equipment Labels Flags/Fiber Optic Labels Wire Bundle Labels Self-Laminating Labels PermaSleeve Heat-Shrink Sleeves B-423 Polyester Labels (M71-7-423) printed with M71-R6000. Die Cut Labels Patch Panel Labels

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