Brady Industrial Electronic Electrical Identification Catalog Page 122 Benchtop Printers

122 Benchtop Printers B30- and B33-Series Materials B30-Series Print Ribbons Ribbon installs in 5 seconds...snaps into place! B-# Material B30-R4300 (Black) B30-R6000 (Black) B30-R6200 (Black) B30-R10000 (Black) B30-R10000-WT (White) B30-R4400-WT (White) B30-R10000-YL (Y ellow) B30-R10000-YL2 (Y ellow) B30-R10000 (Colors) B-423 Glossy White Polyester - O - B-424 Matte White Paper O - B-428 Metallized Polyester O - B-432 Glossy Clear Polyester - O - O - B-434 Glossy Metallized Polyester - O - B-437 Tedlar O - B-438 Tamper Evident Metallized Polyester O - B-483 Glossy White Polyester - O - B-483 ToughStripe O - O - B-484 Glossy White Polyester - O - B-486 Matte Metallized Polyester O - B-488 Matte White Polyester O - B-489 Matte White Polyester O - B-509 Printable Magnetic - O - OO ** B-526 Photoluminescent Polyester - O - OO ** B-549 Cold Temp Polyester - O - OO ** B-551 Non-Adhesive Tag - O - OO ** B-565 Metallized Polyester - O - B-569 Low-Halide Polyester - O - OO ** B-581 Repositionable Vinyl - O - OO ** B-584 Retro Reflective - O - OO ** B-593 Raised Panel Engraved Plate Substitute O - O - B-595 Outdoor Vinyl - O OO *** OO *** OO ** B-854 Toughwash Metal Detectable - O - B-855 Toughwash O - B-724 Matte Amber Polyimide O - B-727 Glossy White Polyimide - O - B-787 Glossy White Polyvinyl Flouride - O - B-7569 Vinyl Film - O - Refer to the corresponding Tech Data Sheets for complete material information at **Colored ribbons optimized for use on white material. Test use on other material colors for suitability to your application. ***For printing yellow onto white B-595 use B30-R10000-YL. For printing yellow onto other colors of B-595 use B30-R10000-YL2. BBP 33, BBP 35 & BBP 37 Print Ribbon / Material Compatibility BBP 33, BBP 35 & BBP 37 Print Ribbon Drop & Click" print ribbons for 5 second ribbon supply changes Tough, smear-proof ribbons that produce long-lasting printed text and can withstand years in industrial areas and outdoor conditions Self-contained cartridges drop straight into printer with a "click" No calibrating, no threading, no wasted feeding, no hassles and the ink will always be facing the right direction! Printer notifies user if installed ribbon is not recommended for installed labels

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