Brady Industrial Electronic Electrical Identification Catalog Page 127 Benchtop Printers

127 1-888-272-3946 Benchtop Printers Wraptor Wire ID Print Ribbons Wraptor Print Ribbons Wraptor Printer Ribbons All Brady print ribbons are developed to meet the performance requirements of the materials printed. The combination of the ribbon and label material determine the success of the legend performance. Brady offers a complete line of ribbons that are designed to cover all your label application requirements. Wraptor Print Ribbons (1.000" core, ink side out.) Ribbon Series Catalog # Size Color R4300 Wax/Resin Strong environmental resistance against smearing and chemicals. Also, reliable, sharp-edge print quality to maximize barcode readability. R4311 1.000" x 984' Black R4306 1.570" x 984' Black R4302 2.360" x 984' Black B-# Material R4300 R4400 R4500 R4900 R6000 R6100 R6200 R6400 R6600 R6700 R6800 B-427 Vinyl l UL - s - s UL - B-472 Polyimide l - l - B-499 Nylon s UL/CSA - s l UL/CSA s UL - s - Ribbon / Material Cross-Reference Guide To ensure the best legend permanence, all ribbons have been developed to meet the requirements of the materials to be printed on. Use the guide below to determine which ribbon series is recommended with your print materials. l Recommended ribbon for use with respective material. s Acceptable ribbon for use with respective material. UL Materials are UL recognized with its respective ribbon. CSA Materials are CSA approved with its respective ribbon. Did You Know? Custom Label Offerings Don't see a stock label in the size, configuration or color needed for your particular application? Brady offers custom label capability for many of the materials in this catalog. Our dedicated, experienced custom quoting team can provide pricing for your unique label needs, including: Size Labels per row or roll Pre-printed messaging Logos or other images Colors (spot or CMYK) Contact Brady Customer Service at 1-888-272-3946 for more information and to order your custom labels.

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