Brady Industrial Electronic Electrical Identification Catalog Page 162 THT Label Materials

162 IP and PR Plus Print Ribbons on page 134. Full Material Properties on page 227. Circuit Board Circuit Board Materials THT Label Materials Circuit Board Identification Material Improve processes and reduce operating costs with clearly identified circuit boards. Brady's circuit board material, or PCB labels, are polyimide labels that can withstand the high heats and powerful chemicals used in PCB manufacturing. Brady offers PCB labels in a variety of materials, including anti-static PCB labels and labels for auto-apply applications. These high temp circuit board materials can improve your processes and reduce operating costs by identifying your circuit boards throughout the entire PCB manufacturing process. Printer Compatibility All circuit board parts shown on the following pages are compatible with the following printers unless otherwise noted. A C E D B Figure 1 Figure 4 Diagram Catalog # Material Color Label Width A Inch (mm) Label Height B Inch (mm) Horiz. Repeat C Inch (mm) Vert. Repeat D Inch (mm) Web Width E Inch (mm) Labels Per Row Labels Per Pkg Rec. Ribbon Fig. 4 THT-11-436-10 Polyimide Amber 0.250 (6.4) 0.250 (6.4) 0.375 (9.5) 3.200 (81.3) 12 10,000 R4300 Fig. 1 THT-14-436-10 Polyimide Amber 0.650 (16.5) 0.200 (5.1) 0.700 (17.8) 0.300 (7.6) 2.950 (74.9) 4 10,000 R4300 Fig. 1 THT-1-436-10 Polyimide Amber 0.750 (19.1) 0.250 (6.4) 0.800 (20.3) 0.350 (8.9) 3.350 (85.1) 4 10,000 R4307, R4707 B-436 Removable Polyimide Material Color: Amber Finish: Matte Amber polyimide material with matte finish for thermal transfer printing. Removal silicone adhesive for temporary preprocess labeling on printed circuit board or electronic components that require clean removability. Performance Attributes: Understanding THT Label Part Numbers THT-5-423-10 Technology: Thermal Transfer Quantity: Multiply by 1,000 10 x 1,000 = 10,000 Die Cut: #5, 1.000" x 0.500" Material Number: B-423, Gloss White Polyester Example: Brady IP Printer See Page 128 Bradyprinter PR Plus Printers See Page 130 BBP 12 Label Printer 3" Core Label Rolls are compatible when used with Media Holder accessory.

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