Brady Industrial Electronic Electrical Identification Catalog Page 174 THT Label Materials

174 IP Series, PR Plus & BBP72 Print Ribbons on page 134. Full Material Properties on page 227. Wire & Cable ID Wire & Cable ID Materials THT Label Materials Wire & Cable and Voice & Data Comm Identification Materials Identify critical components and mark wires and cables for quick identification in your facility or data center. Brady offers a wide range of identification solutions for marking wires and cables including wire labels, heat-shrinkable sleeves, tags, and more. Brady's wire and cable identification products are lab and field tested. They are proven to withstand harsh environments including extreme temperatures, liquids, chemical exposure, abrasion and more. The label markers are extremely durable featuring an ultra resistant top coat formulation and ultra aggressive adhesive. Brady also offers a wide range of materials to fit voice, data, and video applications. Together with Brady's portable and benchtop printers, label design software, and cable management software, these labels provide identification solutions for cables, closest hardware, racks, panels, workstations and more. Printer Compatibility All wire & cable identification parts shown on the following pages are compatible with the following printers unless otherwise noted. Wire and cable marking solutions are available in a variety of sizes and colors to ensure that your wires and cables are marked with clear, legible identification. With thermal transfer printing systems, label design software and a full line of wire and cable identification, Brady offers the complete solution to meet your needs. Brady IP Printer See Page 128 Bradyprinter PR Plus Printers See Page 130 Understanding THT Label Part Numbers Most label part numbers can be broken down in the following manner by the label's components. THT-5-423-10 Technology: Thermal Transfer Quantity: Multiply by 1,000 10 x 1,000 = 10,000 Die Cut: #5, 1.000" x 0.500" Material Number: B-423, Gloss White Polyester Example: BBP 12 Label Printer 3" Core Label Rolls are compatible when used with Media Holder accessory.

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