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Software & Data Collection Software 220 Printer Compatibility: TLS 2200 and TLS PC LINK Printer BMP 71 Label Printer BBP 12 Label Printer BBP 33 Label Printer IP Series Printer Bradyprinter PR Plus Printer BBP 72 Double-Sided Printer Wraptor Wire ID Printer Primary Applications Wire and Cable Marking Terminal Block Marking Control Panel and Component Marking Voice and Data Equipment Labeling Asset Identification Patch Panel Identification Warehouse Bin and Shelf Labeling Rating Plate ID and General ID For Wire & Cable, Laboratory and General Industrial Labeling Wire & Cable Labeling Circuit Board Labels Voice & Data Communications Control Panel Labeling General ID ...and many more! LabelMark Labeling Software Easy, efficient, cost-effective labeling! Brady's LabelMark Labeling Software offers features that make creating labels more efficient. Written specifically for identification applications in the telecommunication, laboratory and electrical markets where wire and cable marking is a constant and tedious job. LabelMark labeling software is the easy solution for label design, editing and printing. LabelMark label making software is a fast system for creating new labels and printing professional, accurate and legible labels. With built-in templates, wizards, fixed text labels and free form design, LabelMark Label Software simplifies label making in the electrical, industrial, aerospace, laboratory, and telecomm industries. Quickly enter copy into fixed-line text labels Add images, text, shapes, and 1D, 2D barcodes to your label designs Import data from MS Excel, databases, ASCII text files Design custom label material formats with the interactive custom part editor Save label designs as templates for faster printing Enter text into multiple lines simultaneously in wire marking mode for easier label reading Fix label design errors all at once with the error checking utility Save time in the design by defining wire source and duplicating and reversing the order to print wire destination for faster labeling Insert AutoCAD documents into your label designs Define the print quantity per label right in the design editor Associate label material parts to printers in the application defaults Batch print multiple label files in a single job Group your terminal blocks, wire, pushbutton, and panel labels in customer associated job files for easy kitting and knowledge transfer to other employees Electrical Applications Wizards to guide you through label selections for control panel labeling, wire harness labeling, and more. LabelMark Professional Features: Free 30-Day Trial: Visit to download a 30-day trial. Catalog # Description LM6PROCD LabelMark 6 Professional - CD (single-user license) LM6PROE LabelMark 6 Professional - E-Media (single-user license)

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