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Software & Data Collection Software 221 Request A Free Demo: Visit to request a demo and start initiating your automation! View Online: Visit for more information. Brady Workstation Data Automation Brady Workstation Data Automation is a companion software to LabelMark labeling software which allows you to easily integrate automated label printing in your workplace and third party systems, while reducing accidental errors, user training and time consuming data entry. Reduction of Human Error The end user can use their current software, so no additional training required No re-typing the data needed on a label. Unmodified data goes from your third party system directly onto your labels. Use designated channels (a combination of an incoming file, a template and a printer) to prevent accidental printing errors The Process Use Labelmark software to create your own template. All of the features from Labelmark templates (fonts, images, barcodes, ect.) are usable on Brady Workstation Data Automation. Save your file to a location accessible by the computer that's running our Data Automation Software. In just 5 steps, you can set up your own automation. It's now only a matter of selecting what template to be used, how the incoming data needs to be placed on the label and which printer to print on. Brady Workstation Print Partner Brady Workstation Print Partner is a companion software to LabelMark label creation software. With Print Partner, you separate the printing task from the design task. Simply create a LabelMark template, share it across your sites and install the template into Print Partner where the actual printing happens. End users will only be able to complete the designated fields to maintain label format consistency across sites. Reduction of Human Error The end users cannot accidently change the label layout The end users only complete the required information The design is separated from the final label printing The Process Use LabelMark software to create your own template. Save your file to a location accessible by the computer running Print Partner software Open up the template using Print Partner and fill out the needed information Print your labels! Brady Workstation Data Automation simplifies label integration. Digital Information System Prints the Labels Export to a CSV File Place Data in CSV on the Template 1-888-272-3946

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