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227 1-888-272-3946 Reference Master Material Index Master Material Index This section provides a quick reference to Brady materials listed throughout this catalog, including basic attributes, applications and regulatory compliance where applicable. For more detailed material attribute and performance information, please refer to the material's Technical Data Sheet, listed at . B-Number Material Finish Color Temperature Range Performance Attributes Properties & Applications B-103 Polyester Gloss Clear -94F to 230F Clear polyester overlaminating tape offers additional protection against dirt, chemicals and abrasion on already printed materials. B-109 Tag Material Matte White -40F to 120F (-40C to 49C) General-purpose tagging material with excellent tear- and chemical- resistance. Exhibits good weatherability, humidity resistance, and legibility after solvent exposure. B-145 Polypropylene Matte Gray -40F to 212F (-40C to 100C) Rigid polypropylene material can be used for a variety of tag applications including identification of multiconductor cables, inventory, equipment, lockout, safety warning repair and work-in-progress. B-321 Polyolefin Matte White -40F to 248F (-40C to 120C) Heat Shrinkable Wire Marker is a dot matrix printable wire and cable heat-shrinkable sleeve. Excellent resistance to oil and solvents. B-330 Polyolefin Matte White or Yellow -94F to 230F (-70C to 110C) 24 hrs at 248F (120C) Heat-shrinkable polyolefin film with a heat-activating adhesive. Can also be used without heat activation. A 72 hour dwell is recommended when product is not heat activated. To be used for identification of wire bundles, large conduits, and installed cables. B-342 Sleeve Material Matte White, Yellow Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Gray, Pink, Violet, Brown -40F to 267F (-40C to 130C) 24 hrs at 350F (180C) 5 min at 500F (260C) Heat-shrinkable sleeve with a 3:1 shrink ratio for wire and cable identification. Meets the material and physical property requirements of SAE AMS-DTL- 23053/5C (class 1) for Insulation Sleeving and SAE AS-81531 for Marking of Electrical Insulating Materials, and MIL-STD-202. B-345 PVDF Matt Black, White, Yellow, Pink, Blue -67F to 437F (-55C to 225C) Irradiated polyvinylidine flouride heat shrink tubing. Recommended for high temperature and low outgassing applications. B-350 Polyester/Paper Gloss White -94F to 194F (-70C to 90C) Provides clear evidence of exposure to water for controlling invalid warranty claims, failure analysis or troubleshooting (service and repair). B-351 Vinyl Matte White -40F to 212F (-40C to 100C) Tamper-resistant film with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Good resistance to solvents and humidity. Designed to fracture easily to prevent one-piece removal. B-358 Acetate Gloss Clear -94F to 176F (-70C to 80C) 5 min at 302F (150C) Tamper resistant film with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Designed to fracture easily when removal is attempted. For use as package seals/closures. B-362 Metallized Vinyl Matte Silver -40F to 176F (-40C to 80C) Tamper-resistant metallized film. Good resistance to solvents and humidity. Designed to fracture easily to prevent one-piece removal. B-367 (Custom orders only) Polypropylene Gloss Custom -94F to 194F (-70C to 90C) Leaves a customized footprint pattern (i.e. logos, special warnings, instructions) when label is removed, and pattern will appear on the top surface of the label in order to prevent it from being reused. B-390 Polypropylene Matte White -40F to 212F (-40C to 100C) Wire marking carrier inserts that are designed to be printed and affixed to a wire using extruded, clear PVC Wire Marking Carriers. B-402 Paper Matte White -94F to 158F (-70C to 70C) Thermal transfer-printable paper with permanent adhesive. Applications in general labeling and bar code labeling. Aggressive adhesive for bonding to corrugated, films, plastic and steel surfaces. B-407 Polyolefin Matte Translucent -94F to 194F (-70C to 90C)' General purpose label for applications that require thermal transfer printable materials. Recommended for outdoor use. B-408 Paper Matte White 25F to 158F (4C to 70C) Bar code and general labeling. Repositionable adhesive. B-411 Tag Material Matte White -40F to 122F (-40C to 50C) Designed printing in harsh environments. Resistant to water and chemicals. Not recommended for outdoor applications. Tag material designed for general purpose marking. Refer to page 235 for more information and complete listing of approved materials. RoHS compliant material UL approved material* c Materials evaluated to Canadian safety requirements CSA approved materials* Materials have static dissipative adhesives

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