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231 1-888-272-3946 Reference Master Material Index Master Material Index B-Number Material Finish Color Temperature Range Performance Attributes Properties & Applications B-776 Polyimide Gloss Light Green -94F to 212F (-70C to 100C) 2 hrs at 212F (100C) 5 min at 500F (260C) 80 secs at 572F (300C) Light green polyimide material that can be used for visual differentiation between Lead (Pb) Free manufacturing and non-Lead (Pb) Free manufacturing. High temperature and solvent resistance for printed circuit board and component preprocess labeling. B-7425 Polypropylene Matte White -320F to 248F (-196C to 120 C) White polypropylene material with a matte finish. Ideal for general purpose barcode applications and is designed for applications that expose the label to liquid nitrogen, auto-clave and other harsh environments. B-7425 can be applied to both curved or flat surfaces. B-7546 Polyester Gloss White -40F to 175F (-40C to 80C) Tamper evident; leaves "void" footprint when removed. B-7566 Polyester Gloss Clear -94F to 176F (-40C to 80C) Tamper Evident; leaves "void" footprint when removed. B-7576 Metallized Polyester Matte Silver -94F to 212F (-70C to 100C) Tamper evident; leaves "void" footprint when removed. B-7641 Sleeve Material Matte White, Yellow Various Other Colors -22F to 221F (-30C to 105C) Heat-shrinkable (2:1), low halogen polyolefin wire and cable marking sleeves. The low halogen tubing offers excellent fire safety characteristics combined with minimal smoke emission. B-7642 Sleeve Material Matte White, Yellow -40F to 248F (-40C to 120C) 24 hrs at 320F (160C) 5 mins at 464F (240C) Heat-shrinkable polyolefin sleeve, with a 2:1 shrink ratio for wire and cable marking. Meets SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1 & 3. B-7643 Tag Material Matte White, Yellow -40F to 193F (-40C to 90C) Zero-halogen, high density thermoplastic polyether polyurethane cable marker. The markers are tough, with a very high degree of mark permanence in almost any environment. B-7646 Polyolefin Sleeve Matte White, Yellow -67F to 275F (-55C to 135C) Diesel resistant sleeves meet the material and physical property requirements of SAE AS-81531and MIL- STD-202 method 215K and NF F 00-608 type A and H Flammability Testing when printed with R6600 Series thermal transfer ribbons. B-8423 Polyester Satin White -94F to 248F (-70C to 120C) Thermal Transfer with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Semi-gloss finish excellent for bar code labels. B-8425 Polypropylene Gloss White -94F to 194F (-70C to 90C) General purpose labeling, asset identification and warning/instructional labeling. B-966B Polyester Gloss Clear -94F to 248F (-70C to 120C) Clear polyester film used as an overlaminate and for permashield applications. Did You Know? - Technical Data Sheets Looking for more information regarding a certain Brady material? Brady offers online access to Technical Data Sheets for all Brady materials. View by a specific B-Number or search by relevant keywords. Visit for more information. l? As of June 22, 2009 these items are RoHS compliant to 2005/618/EC MCV amendment to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC. Product compliance is based upon information provided by suppliers of the raw materials used by Brady to manufacture these products or based on results of testing using recognized analytical methods performed by a third party, independent laboratory. As such, Brady makes no independent representations, or warranties, expressed or implied, and assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information. Labels must be printed with the proper RoHS compatible ribbon to meet RoHS specifications. For specific testing data, please contact Brady. The following materials have been reformulated to be RoHS compliant, as of June 22, 2009. Inventories of non-compliant material may still exist. Please contact Brady Customer Service at 1-888-272-3946 should you have any questions regarding RoHS compliance for a specific order of any of the following Brady material numbers.

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