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233 1-888-272-3946 Reference Master Material Index Dot Matrix Materials Index Dot Matrix Printable Materials Index Brady provides the largest offering of dot matrix labels designed for industrial applications. From heat-shrinkable wire markers to tamper-evident solutions, from removable labels to high temperature printed circuit board identification, Brady is sure to have a material for your unique needs that will work with your dot matrix printer. To see Brady's full line of Dot Matrix printable labels, please visit . Type Material Max. Service Temp. F (C) Color Finish Use Special Properties B-109 Polyethylene 120F (49C) White Matte Multi-purpose tagging Tear- and chemical- resistant B-121 Paper 158F (70C) White Matte General labeling Removable adhesive B-122 Paper 193F (90C) White Matte General labeling Label destroys upon removal B-124 Paper 150F (66C) White/Colors Matte 110 terminal block marking Available in green, purple, yellow, blue, red, brown, white, orange and gray B-184 Aluminum Foil 266F (130C) Silver Matte Wire marking, general labeling Conformable; adheres well to rough surfaces B-292 Vinyl Film 158F (70C) White Matte Self-laminating, wire and cable marking Excellent abrasion and smudge resistance B-319 Polyolefin 266F (130C) White Matte Wire marking Non-shrink sleeve B-321 Polyolefin 248F (120C) White/Yellow Matte Wire marking Heat-shrinkable sleeve B-322 Polyolefin 248F (120C) White/Yellow Matte Aerospace and military wire marking Self-extinguishing; meets MIL-S-85848 B-330 Polyolefin 248F (120C) White Matte Identification of wire bundles, large conduits, installed cables Heat-shrinkable film with a printable topcoat and a heat-activating adhesive B-342 Polyolefin 267F (130C) White/Yellow Matte Wire marking 3-to-1 shrink ratio self-extinguishing sleeve; meets MIL-I-23053/5 Class 1; MIL-M-81531; MIL-STD- 202F; METHOD 215 and UL 224 B-389 Polypropylene 212F (100C) White Matte Wire marking Printable rigid inserts designed to be printed and affixed to a wire using carriers B-410 Polyolefin 212F (100C) White Matte Tamper-evident label Label destroys upon removal B-499 Nylon Cloth 193F (90C) White Matte Wire and electronic component marking Permanent adhesive B-502 Vinyl Cloth 175F (80C) White Matte Wire and electronic component marking Repositionable adhesive B-508 Nomex 266F (130C) White/Yellow Matte High-performance wire bundle and cable id Computer-printable tag stock; material is self- extinguishing B-505 Polyester 266F (130C) White Matte Designed to be used as a connector pull tab Self-extinguishing white polyester with a zone coated, permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive Passes the requirements of UL94 VTM-O B-607 Vinyl Film 158F (70C) White Matte Tamper-resistant label Label destroys upon removal B-609 Paper 158F (70C) White Matte Tamper-resistant label Label destroys upon removal B-619 Polyester 293F (145C) White Matte Electronic component, bar code label Good smudge resistance and solvent resistance B-621 Polyester 248F (120C) Clear Matte Printable overlaminate Translucent B-624 (Custom orders only) Polyester 248F (120C) White/Yellow Matte Bar code labels Adheres well to rough surfaces B-637 Tedlar 275F (135C) White, Yellow Matte Wire marking Self-extinguishing material used for wire & cable marking applications, particularly in aerospace, defense and mass transit industries. MIL-M-87958, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Wire or Cable Marker and Identification specification. B-642 Tedlar 248F (120C) Translucent w/ white printable area Matte Wire marking Self-extinguishing self-laminating wire marker. Ideal for use in aerospace, defense and mass transit industries applications. B-652 Polyimide 536F (280C) for 5 minutes Amber Matte Top- or bottom-side printed circuit board application for SMT or through hole Withstands extremely high temperatures; excellent solvent resistance B-693 Polyester 248F (120C) Silver Matte Rating plates Low-cost metallized material B-841 Polyester 193F (90C) White, Yellow, Orange Make it yourself Sign, Label and Tag creation. B-917 Aluminum Foil 248F (120C) Silver Matte Rating plates, general labeling Full hard aluminum B-969 Polyester 293F (145C) Silver Matte Rating plates, electronic component marking Metallized Nomex and Tedlar are registered trademarks of DuPont. RoHS compliant material UL approved material* CSA approved materials* Refer to page 235 for more information and complete listing of approved materials.

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