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Portable Printers 4 Portables Comparison Guide Printer Specifications BMP 21-PLUS Label Printer BMP 41 Label Printer BMP 53 Label Printer Max Labels Per Day Average 100 labels/day Average 250 labels/day Average 500 labels/day Print Resolution 203 dpi 300 dpi Print Technology Thermal transfer Thermal Transfer Print Speed 10mm/sec (0.4 in/sec) 33mm/sec (1.3in/sec) 25.4mm/sec (1/sec) Tape Widths (inches) Various sizes from 0.250" to 0.750" Various sizes from 0.235" to 1.0" Various sizes from 0.235" to 1.50" Tape Widths (mm) Various sizes from 6.4 mm to 19.1 mm Various sizes from 5.969 mm to 25.4 mm Various sizes from 6.4 mm to 38.1 mm Max Label Width 0.75" (19.1 mm) 1.00" (25.4mm) 1.50" (38.1mm) Max Print Width 0.63" (16 mm) 0.96" (24.4 mm) 1.44" (36.6 mm) Memory 2MB, 12 Labels 48 MB / Up to 25,000 Labels Materials Supported M21- Series Cartridges 70+ Stock Parts M-, MC-, MC1- Series Cartridges (1.00" and 0.75" height only) 100+ Stock Parts M-, MC-, MC1- Series Cartridges (all sizes) 140+ Stock Parts Continuous vs Die Cut Labels Continuous Labels Only Continuous and die cut labels Connectivity Options Not Applicable Yes PC Connectivity No USB USB, WiFi, LAN Software Compatibility No Optional through USB LabelMark / CodeSoft Software File Transfer from PC to printer No Yes - with Labelmark Software Yes, with Labelmark Software Wireless Connectivity No Yes Stand Alone Printing Yes No Color Capability Single print color on a label Keyboard ABC or Cyrillic QWERTY Not Applicable Backlit Screen 2" x 1", user adjustable backlit 2.5" x 1.4", user adjustable backlit Not Applicable Text Sizes 6-40 pt with Autosizing 4 to 103pt + autosizing Multi-Line Print Yes Print Rotation No Yes Serialization Yes Barcode 39 and 128 Symbols Categories 104 450 Portability Yes Label Types or Application Functions PermaSleeve Heat Shrink Tubing, Permanent Polyester, Self-laminating Vinyl, Clear Polyester, High Performance Polyester, Nylon Cloth, Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl, Polypropylene Adhesive Polyester, PermaSleeve Heat Shrink Tubing, Polypropylene Tags, Self-laminating Vinyl, Metallized Polyester Ultra Aggressive Polyester, Repositional Vinnl Cloth, Nylon Cloth, Reflective Tape, Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl, Polyester, Polyethylene Tag, Permasleeve Heat Shrinking Tube, Tamper-Evident Vinyl, Polypropylene Tag, Permanent Polypropylene, Self-Laminating vinyl, Metallized Polyester, Self- Laminating Polyester, Staingerbondz Labels, Tissue Cassette Polyester, Ultra aggressive Polyester, High Performance Polyester, Freezerbondz Labels, Repositionable Vinyl Cloth, Reflective Tap, Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Applications Basic labels for Wire and Cable ID, Datacomm and AV Labeling, Inside-panel Component Labeling, and General Industrial Labels for Maintenance, Production and Visual Workplace/Lean 5S. Basic and Die Cut labels for Wire and Cable ID, Datacomm and A/V labeling, Electrical ID, Panel ID, Product ID, Facility ID, Safety and Maintenance, General ID Data Communications Labeling, Facility, Safety & Maintenance Identification, General & Industrial Labeling, Laboratory Identification, Panel Identification, Security Identification, Wire & Cable Marking Power Supply 6 AA batteries, AC adapters: US 110V, UK 240V, Europe 220V, or Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery AC Power, rechargable NiMH battery AA Alkaline batteries (8), AC Power, or rechargeable lithium ion battery Weight 1.66 lbs (0.75 kg) 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) Warranty 2 years Portable Printer Comparison Guide Use the following comparison guide to quickly see which printer best fits your application needs. Then turn to the following pages to find out more about each printer, compatible materials and print ribbons. BMP 21-PLUS Label Printer Page 6 BMP 53 Label Printer Page 16 BMP 41 Label Printer Page 10 * Test 3rd party software integration for intended application prior to purchase. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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