Brady Industrial Electronic Electrical Identification Catalog Page 57 Portable Printers

57 Portable Printers TLS2200 Printer Ribbons on page 57. Full Material Properties on page 227. TLS 2200 Print Ribbons TLS 2200 Print Ribbons TLS 2200 & TLS PC Link Printer Ribbons Note: Black Ribbon R6210 included with TLS 2200 printer purchase. Ribbons listed for use in the TLS 220 and TLS PC Link only. They are not compatible with the BMP71 Label Printer. l Rec. Ribbon for use with respective material. s Acceptable ribbon for use with respective material. For more information on Brady materials, visit . Ever Wonder How Many Labels Per Ribbon? Have you ever wondered approximately how many labels you can print from one TLS 2200 Ribbon? Try this formula: (Note: Our standard TLS2200 ribbons are 900 inches long (75 ft).) Step 1: label height + 0.10 = X Step 2: 900 inches X = total labels per ribbon Example: Part Number PLT-19-422 is 1.0" tall. 1.0 inch label height + 0.10 = 1.10 900 inches 1.10 = 818 labels per ribbon TLS 2200 & TLS PC Link Print Ribbon / Material Compatibility UL These materials are UL recognized with its respective ribbon. cUL These materials have been evaluated to Canadian safety requirements. CSA These materials are approved with its respective ribbon. AGA These materials are AGA approved. Part Number Description Size R4310 Black Ribbon 75' (22.90 m) R6010 Black Ribbon 75' (22.90 m) R6210 Black Ribbon 75' (22.90 m) R4410-BL Blue Ribbon 75' (22.90 m) R4410-RD Red Ribbon 75' (22.90 m) R4410-WT White Ribbon 75' (22.90 m) B-Number Material R4310 (Black) R6010 (Black) R6210 (Black) R4410 (Colors) B-109 Polyethylene l - B-145 Polyethylene - l B-321 Polyolefin - l B-342 Polyolefin l - B-345 PVDF - l l White B-351 Vinyl - l B-352 Vinyl - l B-390 Polypropylene - l - B-412 Polypropylene - l B-422 Polyester - s l UL/CSA s B-423 Polyester - s l UL/CSA/AGA s B-424 Paper l - B-425 Polypropylene l UL - l UL/CSA - B-427 Vinyl l UL - s B-428 Polyester l UL/CSA/AGA - B-430 Polyester - s l UL/CSA s B-432 Polyester - s l UL/CSA - B-435 Polyester - l UL/CSA - B-439 Vinyl - s l s B-449 Polypropylene l l B-459 Polyester - s UL l UL/CSA - B-461 Polyester l - s B-472 Polyimide l l B-473 Polyester - l UL/CSA s B-483 Polyester - s l UL/CSA s B-486 Polyester l UL/CSA - B-488 Polyester l UL/CSA/AGA - l UL/CSA B-489 Polyester l UL/CSA - B-490 Polyester l s B-498 Vinyl Cloth s - l B-499 Nylon Cloth l UL/CSA - s B-593 Polyester - l UL/cUL - l UL/cUL B-717 Polyimide - l UL - s B-718 Polyimide - l UL - B-719 Polyimide - l UL - B-724 Polyimide l - B-727 Polyimide - l UL - B-7546 Polyester - l UL/CSA - B-7566 Polyester - s l B-7576 Polyester - s l UL - B-8425 Polyolefin - s l UL - 1-888-272-3946

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