Brady Industrial Electronic Electrical Identification Catalog Page 72 Portable Printers

Portable Printers IDXPERT Materials IDXPERT Label Materials 72 The IDXPERT printer has been discontinued, but Brady continues to manufacture and stock labels and accessories for the printer! Figure 33 A B Figure 29 Figure 46 (Includes black border) A B A B Labels for Lean, Facility & Safety ID and General ID. (B-422, B-428, B-483, B-499, B-595) B-422 Polyester Material - Permanent adhesive, good for powder-coated/textured surfaces. Best on flat surfaces. Temp. Range: -40F to 212F (-40C to 100C). UL recognized. B-428 Metallized Polyester Material - Permanent adhesive, silver finish. Temp. Range: -40F to 176F (-40C to 80C). UL recognized. B-483 Polyester Material - Permanent adhesive for powder- coated/textured surfaces. Best on flat surfaces Temp. Range: -40F to 248F (-40C to 120C). UL recognized. B-499 Nylon Cloth Material - Permanent adhesive. Pliable for rough or smooth surfaces. Temp. Range: -94F to 194F (-70C to 90C). UL recognized. B-595 Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Material - Permanent adhesive, very pliable, good for rough surfaces and outdoor use, wide range of colors. Temp. Range: -40F to 180F (-40C to 82C). UL recognized. General ID labels continued on next page. Catalog # Description XPERT-HC-ABC Hard Case for ABC Layout XPERT-HC-KEY Hard Case for KEYBOARD Layout LABXPERT-SER-USB Serial-to-USB adapter for PC cable PCK-6 Cleaning Kit Diagram Catalog # B# Material Color Label Width A Inch (mm) Roll Length B Inch (mm) Labels/Roll Price B-422 Polyester Labels Fig. 29 X-7-422 B-422 Polyester BK on WT 0.500 (12.7) 350 Fig. 29 X-19-422 B-422 Polyester BK on WT 1.000 (25.4) 250 Fig. 29 X-132-422 B-422 Polyester BK on WT 1.500 (38.1) 1.250 (13.8) 250 Fig. 29 X-30-422 B-422 Polyester BK on WT 1.500 (38.1) 0.750 (19.1) 250 B-428 Metallized Polyester Labels Fig. 29 X-17-428-SV-BK B-428 Polyester BK on SV 1.000 (25.4) 0.500 (12.7) 500 Fig. 46 X-24-428-SVBB-BK B-428 Polyester BK on SV 1.130 (28.7) 0.500 (12.7) 500 Fig. 29 X-29-428-SV-BK B-428 Polyester BK on SV 1.500 (38.1) 0.500 (12.7) 500 Fig. 29 X-30-428-SV-BK B-428 Polyester BK on SV 1.500 (38.1) 0.750 (19.1) 325 Fig. 29 X-20-428-SV-BK B-428 Polyester BK on SV 2.000 (50.8) 1.000 (25.4) 100

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