Brady Industrial Electronic Electrical Identification Catalog Page 80 Benchtop Printers

80 Benchtop Printers BBP 12 Label Printer Versatile Labeling Options General Purpose Labels Wire Marker Labels & Sleeves Voice & Data Communications Circuit Board Labels ...And More! Asset Tracking Labels From labels to wire markers and asset identification labels, the BBP 12 Label Printer gives you the versatility to print all your basic labels types from one machine - saving costs, reducing downtime and simplifying your labeling. Simple, Efficient Design Specially-designed small core media rolls and ribbons provide fast installation and reduce change-over time Compatible with 3" core media rolls if using the external media holder (sold separately) Easy set-up & calibration Compact size won't clutter your workplace or bench Performance Sharp 300 dpi printing on labels up to 4" wide Fast print speed-up to 4" per second Over 800 varieties of labels including external-feed bulk rolls and custom parts Centering ribbon spindle virtually eliminates ribbon wrinkling Efficiency, Versatility & Performance Packed into one multi-use printer. *Media holder available for larger quantity bulk 3" core rolls. While the BBP 12 label printer primarily uses 1" core materials for low to medium volume printing, an external media holder is available for purchase should high volume printing be needed. This optional external media holder attaches to the back of the BBP 12 label printer, enabling customers to run larger 3" core rolls for high volume printing. Your Complete Printing Solution: 1" Small Core Material Rolls .....................Page 82 3" Core Material Rolls .............................Page 137 (BBP12 compatible when used with Media Holder accessory) BBP 12 Print Ribbons ..............................Page 88 Printer Demo! Visit to request a printer demo. 1" small core materials designed specifically for the BBP 12 Label Printer BBP 12 Label Printer

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