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2015 Brady Worldwide Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED USA Customer Service: 1-888-272-3946 Inside Sales: 1-888-311-0775 Canada Customer Service: 1-800-263-6179 Mexico 1-800-262-7777 Inside Sales: 1-800-262-7777 ext 177 Learn more about Brady's sign and label printers at Y4071226 MS4071226 Brady Workstation GHS Labels App Creating GHS labels is now amazingly simple. Start with the data from your SDS sheets, enter it into the GHS Labels App one time and you can create any size label and print it at any time. Built-in pre-formatted label layouts and GHS pictograms Pre-worded hazard statements and pictograms that just click and drag into the layout (no need to type it in) Once you create a label, the data is saved and you can print any size in a single click Automatic "block-out" of unused diamonds on pre-printed supplies so you can inventory fewer label rolls No driver needed when printing to a Brady BBP 31, 33, 35, 37 or 85 printer * Visit Catalog # Description Free Download Brady Workstation Program BWRK-GHS-DWN GHS Labels app for Brady Workstation (download) MSDSonline Partnership MSDSonline customers can use SDSs from their system to create labels formatted with GHS elements, and then print them to Brady's BBP 31 or 33 printer (Applies to 2" x 3", 4-diamond labels)

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