Ghs Solutions Brochure Page 3 GHS Solutions Brochure 1-888-272-3946 3 Compliance Timeline and Checklist Employer full compliance deadline. December 1, 2013 December 1, 2015 June 1, 2015 June 1, 2016 q OO Note any new hazards identified on SDS and potential Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) changes. As new chemicals are brought into your facility, new hazard and PPE needs may be created qO OO Ensure your written HazCom program is updated and reflects all internal and external changes qO OO Provide training to all new employees working with hazardous chemicals Employers must train employees on the new label elements and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) format. Chemical manufacturers, importers and distributors reclassify chemicals, send SDS & labels in GHS format. Distributors send only updated SDS & labels. What's Next qOOO Schedule and document periodic re-training on pictograms, labels and SDS qOO Post GHS signs, posters, and hand out wallet cards qO OO Be able to demonstrate that workers clearly understand the hazards associated with each chemical they're exposed to, along with practice measures they must take qOO Separate SDS and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) binders and sheets as part of the management system. This will help you create secondary container labels with SDS information and determine which chemicals haven't been updated qOO Update your chemical database as new SDSs are received qOO Review and ensure that all MSDS for any chemicals received after December 1, 2015, have been converted to SDS format qOO Notify and document your communications with suppliers who have not provided new SDS information qOO Audit all containers for compliance with updated regulations. Establish policies to control improperly labeled containers qOOO Ensure your training policy is in place, including new and existing chemical and internal product changes. Annual training is always recommended qOO Update and complete a written HazCom program that includes a system of labeling, pictograms, training schedule and how/where to obtain more information qOO Perform audits as conditions change or once a year to ensure program effectiveness qOOO Identify secondary container labeling needs and procedures qOOO Purchase GHS labeling equipment and supplies qOOO Implement labeling procedures (create your own labels or order preprinted versions) based on new SDS sheets qOOO Archive old MSDS for determined amount of time (We recommend 30 years) qOOO Re-train on GHS as well as your existing HazCom system (NFPA/HMIS) until full conversion to GHS is complete

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