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13 Laboratory Printers BSP 31 Label Attachment System Tissue Cassette Labels: Brady's B-482 labels withstands a temperature range from -80C (freezer) to 121C (autoclave) and offers superior resistance to chemicals used in tissue processing enabling it to retain barcode legibility. The label must be used in combination with Brady's BSP31 Label Attachment System for pre-process tissue cassette identification and complements the use of StainerBondz slide labels as part of a complete histology process. Tissue cassette label attachement system. The BSP31 Label Attachment System is designed for Histology and Anatomic Pathology Laboratories to mechanically attach an adhesive label to tissue cassettes before the tissue embedding process. It creates rivets on the label to prevent it from detaching during the embedding process or in storage. Mechanically fasten B-482 tissue cassette labels before tissue fixation and embedding process Use multiple types of data with crisp print quality that cannot be produced with lasers or etching systems - Human readable text options - Linear or 2D barcodes for better barcode reliability Easy-to-use and can improve productivity and accuracy Reduce data integrity errors experienced with handwritten labels Withstands tissue process protocol and lasts in storage up to 20 years Comply with regulatory labeling requirements View Online! For more information on the, visit: BSP 31 Label Attachment System Catalog # Description BSP31 BSP31 Label Attachment System BSP31-BBP33-KIT BSP31 Label Attachment System, BBP33 Label Printer* 1 - B33-199-482 tissue cassette labels, 1 - B33-141-481 slide labels and 1 - B30-R6400 print ribbon * BBP 33 Label Printer ships with printer, power cord, USB cable, drivers CD, stylus, cleaning kit, cutter cleaning tool and quick start guide. The following cassette types are acceptable with the BSP31 Label Attachment System: 35 and 45 degree angle, various colors, Simport, McCormick, Tissue-Tek, Fisher, VWR and other brands. Track Samples In 4 Simple Steps: A simple 4-step process for histology and anatomic pathology labs to track their samples throughout the entire work flow. Step 1: Print the tissue cassette labels Step 3: Process tissue samples Step 2: Attach labels with the BSP 31 System Step 4: Print slide labels & track specimen Complete The Solution: Pair the BSP31 Label Attachment System with one of Brady's high performance label printers and specially designed tissue cassette and slide labels. BSP31-BBP33-KIT shown. 1-800-356-9951

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