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14 Laboratory Printers Printer Software CodeSoft Labeling Software For Enterprise Level ID and 3rd Party Software Integration This enterprise-level label design software allows users to design and print custom labels for specimen identification tracking. CodeSoft Barcode Software is the professional solution for the most complex barcode labeling projects. CodeSoft excels at integrating with users systems and 3rd party software. The software provides a range of barcode label design features for any project, from easy label designs to general bar coding. Brady labeling software gives you the power to design and print labels with ease and flexibility. Whether you need to print text, barcodes or graphic images, fixed or variable data, user defined or database driven, Brady has the barcode and labeling software to handle all your custom label needs. SENTINEL Print Pack Software Add-On Label printing automation software allows for integration of Codesoft label printing with existing networked systems. LabelMark Labeling Software Brady's LabelMark Labeling Software is the easy and most efficient way to create laboratory labels. With built-in label wizards, templates and free form design, LabelMark Software simplifies label making in the laboratory industry. Easy-to-use apps for laboratory label designs save time with new label set up and data management features Multi-label view for true representation of label formats Adjust each label's length in your print file to your specifications Import data onto a label from an external data source One-step serialization of data "Check error" function to locate any errors in imported data prior to printing the labels Bi-directional communication with the IP Printer, BMP 51 and BBP 33 printer series for automatic label format loading Catalog # Description CS14PROF Codesoft Professional CS14ENTF Codesoft Enterprise CS14N03F Codesoft Network 3-User CS14RUNF Codesoft Run-time Print Only SPP12P5S SENTINEL Print Pack 5 (1-yr subscription) S12ADD1 SENTINEL Additional Printer for existing SENTINEL system SPP12P5CS12 SENTINEL Print Pack 5 + CodeSoft Enterprise Laboratory Labeling Software Laboratory labeling software is an easy and efficient way to create specimen labels and laboratory ID. It was written specifically with the laboratory in mind, where sample tracking can be a constant and tedious--albeit, important job. Our software can be used for more than sample management though. It is a great resource for identifying many other areas, instruments and equipment in the lab. Built-in label wizards and templates simplify laboratory labeling making, even for the most complex labeling projects. Free 30-Day Trial: Visit to watch tutorial videos or download a 30-day trial. Catalog # Description LM6PROCD LabelMark 6 Professional Software - CD (single-user license) LM6PROE LabelMark 6 Professional Software - E-Media (single-user license)

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