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15 Laboratory Printers Printer Software Brady Workstation Label Creation Apps The latest in label creation software, Brady Workstation has revolutionized the way you create labels on your BBP 33 Label Printer. Instead of using a CD to install label-making software on your computer, you simply download the Brady Workstation platform to your desktop and then add the label-creation apps you want. Built to be simple through a variety easy-to-use apps App walks you through the steps to create labels and safety signs Laboratory Software Comparison Guide Software Feature LabelMark Software CodeSoft Enterprise Software Brady Workstation Apps Design Import and export data ' ' Import logos and photos ' ' Linear barcode creation ' ' 2D barcode creation ' ' Design safety and compliance - Library of lab symbols and pictograms ' ' Create custom interface ' - Display multiple records at the same time ' ' Printing Print to multiple printers ' ' Unicode fonts for printing in any language ' ' Automated label printing - w/ Sentinel Add-On - Print from LIMS, SAP, and other ERPs - w/ Sentinel Add-On w/ Custom Solutions Route labels for approval - w/ Label Archive Add-On - Reprint a version control for audit compliance - w/ Label Archive Add-On - Laboratory Can be used w/ industry data standards ' ' Built in wizards and templates ' ' GHS and HazComm Labeling - ' Process data files into label files - w/ Sentinel Add-On - Security-control labeling process - w/ Label Archive Add-On - Label location traceability - w/ Label Archive Add-On - Free Trial: The Steps are Simple Additional apps are also available and will be released throughout the year, so check back often at: GHS Labels App: Creating GHS labels is now amazingly simple. Enter your SDS data one time, and you can create any size label and print it at any time. Express Signs App: Create your signs in no time - Simply pick a template, enter your info and it's ready in minutes. Don't like the layouts? Adjust them. Don't worry, we won't make you redo your work. Custom Designer App: Design anything you can imagine. Start with a blank canvas and create a label or sign that meets your needs. Add barcodes or QR codes, import data from Excel and more! Print Partner App: A print-only software companion to Labelmark Design Software, Print Partner separates the printing task from the design task for easy printing at multiple locations. Data Automation App: Designed to allow easy integration with laboratory systems for automated printing in your lab. 1. Download Brady Workstation at 2. Fill the workstation with the apps you want 3. Save time by quickly designing and printing labels! 1-800-356-9951

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