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16 Lab Data Automation Brady LabNAV Laboratory Tracking Services When labs need to quickly process and turn around large volumes of samples, manage data and collaborate with other labs, manual tracking methods and handwritten labels can lead to errors, lost samples and wasted time. Our LabNAV software engineering and sales team will work with your labs specific needs to customize system and data integration, automate process management with sample tracking, printing and harsh environment sample labeling. Lab Information System and Data Integration Enhance your laboratory's process management and data administration with custom, configurable services. Data integration provides communication paths between software systems for instant data transfer, faster decisions, streamlines workflows and quality assurance. Print from any software system with one-touch. Simplify your management and administrative tasks at any point of sample testing through collection, processing, storage and collaboration with other labs. With Brady printers and lab material to complete the solution for sample tracking, your lab will be running on all cylinders when you implement Brady's LabNAV customized laboratory tracking services. Call Brady's Lab Team at 1-800-356-9951 for a free consultation. Sample Tracking & Asset Management Software Save time tracking and identifying samples with Brady's software and custom programming solutions. Whether you are currently using sample and asset management software, like a LIMS, or not, we have label generation options for your lab to easily design and print labels. This will give your lab functionality from basic label text, to linear and 2D bar code designs, or the ability to integrate automated printing from other software systems. Label Duplication Our LabNAV team will configure scanning solutions that are tailor fit to your lab's needs. Using linear and 2D bar codes, you can easily create duplicate labels from your work order or sample ID with our scanner and printer options. That means labeling is faster and easier to help you improve productivity, while reducing errors that can result from hand-keying new labels. Brady's LabNAV Services Include:

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