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40 Laboratory Safety Biohazard Identification Solutions With the increasing need for emergency preparedness, your facility must be ready to effectively identify and warn of biohazard materials and processes in order to keep patients, employees and the public safe from infectious substances. The first, most essential step towards safety is the clear and instantly-readable identification of all biohazard areas and waste products. Brady has the identification products you need including biohazard tape, disposal bags and signs in order to clearly communicate the presence of infectious substances. Waste Disposal Bags 3-mil Polyethylene bag for disposal of biohazard waste Exposure Control Binder Highly visible 1-1/2" diameter 3 ring binder for storing up to 300 pages of your exposure control plan. Adhesive Biohazard Tape Self-sticking vinyl tape is ideal for clearly identifying biohazard areas or containers Toughstripe Floor Marking Biohazard Tape Highly durable self-sticking floor marking tape to warn of biohazard areas. Non-Adhesive Biohazard Barricade Tape Non-adhesive barricade tape to warn of biohazard areas. Catalog # Size Material Qty. 104506 14" x 18" Polyester 1 Catalog # Size Material Qty. 145586 16" x 14" x 36" Polyethylene 100 145587 30" x 14" x 39" Polyethylene 100 Catalog # Size Material Qty. BH2023 1" Rings Plastic 1 Catalog # Size Material Qty. 88051 2" x 36 yds Vinyl 1 Catalog # Size Material Qty. 132434 3" x 100' Polyester 1 Catalog # Size Material Qty. 91447 3" x 200' Polyethylene 1 Critical regulations and Brady's products for biohazard identification include: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens Labels are required for containers and shipments. Employers to post biohazard signs at the entrance to work areas. DOT 49 CFR 172.400(b) Labeling Requirements Labeling is required for infectious substances which meets one or more hazard classifications. UN2814 Infectious Substances Ebola virus defined as Category A infectious substance. Toughstripe Floor Sign Black areas of floor sign are coated with anti-skid treads help prevent slips, trips and falls Custom Lab Signs Brady understands that sometimes you need a sign that is unique to your own lab. With Brady's wide variety of custom sign options, you can create a sign with exactly the message you need, in the material and size you want. Take advantage of custom signs with: Custom Text & Graphics Custom Size Variety of materials No minimum order Fast turnaround "Same as stock" pricing Call Brady at 1-888-272-3946 to order yours today!

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